Grant Reporting:

What to Expect if You Receive a Grant

The applicant will be mailed a Grant Agreement detailing the requirements and responsibilities of both parties in relation to the grant. The Grant Agreement will include the following provisions:

No Dilution of Services:

The Foundation expects no dilution of services from what the applicant proposed and the Foundation approved. If the applicant is not able to meet all the obligations of the grant (for reasons such as not being able to raise the remainder of the project/program funds), the Foundation expects the applicant to request a revision to the grant, or return the grant funds.

Notification of Material Changes in the Project/Program:

Organizations that have received a grant should contact their Program Director in a timely manner if there has been a material change in the project/program subsequent to funding. Issues may include changes in personnel, changes in budget allocations, changes in expected income, and anticipated excess funding at the end of the grant period.


The Foundation wants to know how well you achieved the objectives set out in your proposal, and that the Foundation’s funds have been spent as described in your application. When you receive a Grant Agreement, you will also receive a copy of a standard report form to be completed at the end of the grant period. The primary questions in the report form are: “How much have you done?” “How well have you done it?” “Is anyone better off?” Your report will include a line item budget comparing actual revenue and expenses to the originally proposed budget. The budget should include all sources of revenue and each category of expenses for the entire project/program, (not just the funding provided by the Foundation), and explain any significant variations from the original budget. This report should be sent to the Foundation approximately six weeks after the end of the grant period. Please note that no further grants can be made to an organization that has an outstanding grant report for any project/program funded by the Foundation.

Communicating with the Foundation:

The Foundation encourages grant recipients to remain in contact with the Program Director regarding any changes in the project/program, new opportunities that have arisen, and other good news that the organization would like to share.