Grant Review Process:

What We Look For

The Foundation will consider proposals that:

  • Have a strategic response to solve a compelling problem that is consistent with the Foundation’s mission;
  • Identify expected results;
  • Have a high impact to cost ratio;
  • Include a system to periodically measure results and make mid-course corrections as needed;
  • Make the best use of collaboration;
  • Leverage financial and in-kind resources from sources other than the Foundation;
  • Are sustainable beyond the period of the Foundation’s involvement; and
  • Fit into a larger over-arching system to address the problem to be solved.

The proposals should come from organizations that:

  • Have a positive track record of success with the Foundation and/or in the community;
  • Are on sound financial footing;
  • Have competent and qualified staff;
  • Have engaged and supportive board governance; and
  • Have organizational goals that reflect the Foundation’s mission.

Our Review Process

The Program Directors meet quarterly with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees to make recommendations of proposals to be considered for approval. The applicant will be contacted regarding the Executive Committee’s decision and the next steps to complete the process. In some cases (including requests over $100,000 and requests of special interest), the applicant will be asked to submit a Formal Grant Application for approval by the complete Henderson Foundation Board of Trustees. The Program Director will provide guidance on how to proceed.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The applicant should plan six months in advance of when funds will be needed to implement the project/program.